Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet...sweets and more sweets!!!

Caramel Apples...

I had the joy of making 100 caramel apples for a Mardi Gra 15th birthday party.
Hope the sweets added a little splash to their event.

21st Birthday Bash...

Here's a different cake for my blog.
I wanted to try something a little bit funky with a interesting shape. I'm not sure if I'd try this again but, I've learned the second time around you get better. Practice makes perfect!

Baby Boy Baby Shower...

It is very useful when clients give me a theme, colors and ideas to work from and then....say ,"I trust you to do what you want with your creativity". It makes cake decorating fun and gives you the space to let your creativity flow.

My client Jenny was wonderful to work with and gave me the the space to be creative.
The cake was devils chocolate cake filled with yummy strawberry buttercream.

Yummy chocolate cupcake pops!

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