Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Sweet Celebration assists with a dear friends celebration...

My friend Aly threw a cute birthday party for her 2 year old son. The theme was a cowboy party.
It was such a cute party. I was asked to assist her in this event...and of course I jumped at the the opportunity.
I made a cute birthday sign for the event. Aly ordered the printed sign and I added a bit of the love and creativity to it. It says, "Happy Birthday Blake". At the beginning of Blake's name I put his adorable picture. I was very happy with the final product.

Aly is also an amazing cake maker as well. Below, I made cute horse and cowboy cupcake picks. They added a nice touch to the sweet treats.

Fun party favors were placed in this stand. Carmel dipped apples with simple birthday tags.

I also made centerpeices for the bash. An easy way to add a few accents to the party.

Cowboy hats and scarfs were also fun favors for the children.

A little Sweet Celebration splash

I was asked to make another birthday sign for a barnyard bash.
Fun and festive!

I also made these cow, pig and farm house cupcake picks to add to Aly's creation.
We make a good team! Creativity was just flowing for these two events!!
Thanks so much Aly for giving me the opportunity to work with you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Superhero Birthday Party

My favorite obsession...planning parties! I love everything about it. From picking a theme, to making and/or searching for cute invitations, to creating party favors, to decorations, to the food...well pretty much the whole event makes me happy! Ulitmately, I love seeing kids enjoy a great celebration.

I put this party together for my son. I had a great time piecing this event together for him.
Every boy loves a wearing a great cape and pretending to save the world.
I planned on making the capes for my son's party but I was short on time, so luckily
I found capes at ( I lost the information of the creator of the capes but I do plan on making them for whoever would love to place an order.) Although I purchased the capes, I made each of the kids their own superhero masks! They loved them.
By the way...these kids kept their capes on all day! Some even wore them to bed. :)

Another fun piece to the party is making a themed dessert bar. Below, I have assorted candy and a superhero themed cake. The cake was white cake with chocolate chips, fudge and cherry filling. It was really yummy!

This is made out of fondant.

Each child received his/her own personalized Chinese superhero box to be filled with all the yummy candy!

I found superhero coloring books and bags which I filled with coloring crayons. So...perfect!

Where the party bash took place.

I put together the birthday sign and centerpieces for this little celebration. I was able to get my son to pose like a superhero!

My dear friend made the signs. Thank you so much Amber!

"The Gang"

Instead of coming up with different games I put together an obstacle course. The different stages were:
1. To run faster then a speeding bullet (run)
2. Leap over tall buildings (my daughters barbie house)
3. Kryptonite pick up (picking up a green apple with tongs and placing it into a paper bag)
4. Going threw the tunnel of wisdom
and last was...
5. Vaporizing the villian (silly-stringing my husband).
The kids had such a wondeful time!

A great celebration for the greatest superhero!
I'd love to create a superhero event for your little one.
Please contact me if you'd like a Sweet Celebration event.

A Flowerpot of Goodness

This is a yummy pot of cookies I created for my daughter's teacher.
A fun idea for a friend, family member or a special teacher.
Pick your cookie flavor and color scheme and I will create your special, sweet treat!

A Christmas Twist

A Christmas order with a celebrations twist where these delightful cupcakes.
The cupcakes were white cake frosted with vanilla butter cream and decorated with fondant accents.
Super festive!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mrs. Claus places an order for her Elves

I can say...I've been called by Mrs. Claus for a sweet treat order.
Mrs. Claus requested a special creation to honor her special little helpers. So, I went to work in my treat shop and came out with the little elf cookie cuties.

These cookies where cream cheese sugar cookies covered and decorated with rolled fondant.

Mrs. Claus and her cute elves.