Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Disney Celebration

My first party celebration order!!! The client hired me as her party coordinator and I finally was able to be what I have been dreaming of...A Party Planner.
This celebration was for a little girl who turned 3 and loves anything Disney. With that in mind, my creative juices where in full force. I decided to go with a Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme.

I made a Minnie "Happy Birthday Isabella" sign.

I made a black and white cake filled with bavarian creme and chocolate dobash. Frosted with vanilla buttercream frosting and covered in fondant. The Minnie hat was a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant.

Minnie and Mickey cupcakes.
Thank you Aly for you help!

I also made a candy buffet for the guesses. Below the sign reads,
"Grab a we celebrate..Isabella... who's super sweet"

I decorated take-boxes to look like Minnie. The children where able to grab a box and fill it with any candy their heart desires.
I love the "Whirly Pops".

I made a craft for the children to make. I made party hats with ears on the sides and each child was able to decorate their hat with die-cuts and coloring crayons.
I made a special one for the birthday can kinda see it here at the end of the table. I should have taken a picture with her in it...I ran out of time.
I also provided Disney coloring pages.

Here are the centerpieces I made for the celebration. I was so happy how cute they came out.

This was on the backside of the Minnie. Thank you to "Amber Designs" for helping with the graphics!

I loved the way the party came out and loved the family I planned this for. They were such a cute family!
The day was a great one!!

Halloween Birthday Bash

Finally!! I've been waiting for 11 years to throw a Halloween party and I finally made it happen. It was actually a surprise 60th party for my mom but a wonderful reason to have a Halloween party!
I could not have made pulled it off without the help of my Auntie and Uncle!!
Thank you both so much!! And the help of two wonderful men in my father and husband.

Of course there had to be a creative and festive dessert table!
I made a fun chocolate cake with buttercream frosting covered in marbled fondant. I also made sugar cookies dipped in chocolate that resembled candy corn. Pretzels wrapped in caramel and then dipped into chocolate. Those little thing were a hit!
Pumpkin cookie as well as pumpkin cupcakes that were topped with cream cheese frosting. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and decorated with fondant ghosts. White cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant witches hat. And the last cupcake...was white cake with chocolate buttercream and decorated with a white chocolate spider web. Last but not least...caramel apples!!! Woooo...I was pooped making all these goodies!!

My cute little fondant witch!


Sweet treats!

Cute little yummies!

This was my backyard all decorated and festive. I love the colors! Thank you Miss Brooke for the idea!

Drink table

Food table

Appitizer table

Smell the Roses!

I made this flowerpot cake for my moms birthday. I've been eyeballing this cake for sometime as wasn't sure how to go about making it. I contacted a lady on the internet who makes amazing cakes She guided me threw the process.
Thank you to her!!

Not to bad with it being my first flowerpot cake.

The cake and cupcakes were chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The flowers were fondant. I also, crushed up oreo's to resemble dirt.

I'm going to try this again..but a smaller cake with some other fun colors.