Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kyla's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Kyla! I received this order last week and I was so thrilled of the theme. It was for a little girls first birthday and the theme was "our little princess". I made 50 cupcakes; 25 were white cake with vanilla buttercream and the other 25 were devils chocolate with strawberry buttercream. I made purple fondant flowers and little tiaras with pink flowers.

This was a special cupcake I made for Kyla. I made a little too-too for the cupcake and accented it with the flowers and a tiara.

White cake with vanilla buttercream. Fondant tiara.

Devils chocolate with strawberry buttercream. Purple fondant flower.

My customer rented my cupcake stand which I decorated for Kyla's party. On the back of the stand I made butterflies and flowers to go with the theme. I didn't get a picture of them, but they were really cute.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Easter Treats"

So, I couldn't skip Easter without making my treats! I actually made the same cupcakes for a customer I had on Saturday. I thought they came out looking great and wanted to shared them with my family.

These little bunny cupcakes were made with my chocolate cake recipe I had found. I topped them off with strawberry buttercream frosting (so yummy). The cute bunny cupcake sticks were a cute addition.

I love my carrot and raisin cupcakes. They are so moist and de-lish. I frosted them with cream cheese frosting. A great topping with this cupcake!

These are new to my recipe book. I made yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting and accented the cupcake with a chocolate flower. These were so much fun to make. A new technique I learned.

"On The Farm"

This was fun project I took on. I made the cake and cupcakes for my niece's 7th birthday. They pretty much live on a farm. They own a horse, chickens, baby chicks, dogs, and soon they plan on adding a pig to their family. So with that, I decided to make the theme of the cake a "farm" theme.
The top is a 6" chocolate cake filled with cherry filling and covered in fondant. The cupcakes were white cake and devils chocolate cake frosted with buttercream frosting. The accents on the cake and cupcakes were made out of fondant. I also, built the stand to hold my little treats.
I felt my project was a great success!

My little horse and cow.

The cupcake all together.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"A Black Dress Affair"

People are loving my "cupcake truffles". I received another order for a bridal shower. The theme of their party was, "A Black Dress Affair". I put together my truffles and dusted them with chocolate sprinkles and yellow sugar sprinkles. To match the theme of the party I placed the truffles in a little black purse and also a white bowl which was accented with a black boa. I made yellow heart shaped tags which were stamped, "with love". The stamp was from Stampin Up!

My favorite was the truffles coming out of the little purse. Perfect for the party theme!

"Cupcake Truffles"

I made these little "cupcake truffles" for a Tea Party my Aunt had thrown. Her color scheme was pink and green. I dipped the tops of the truffles in white chocolate and the added pink and green sprinkles on-top. I had the perfect little cupcake stamp from Stampin UP! that made a cute little addition as my tag. What a sweet treat to add to a tea party! And her guests thought so too!