Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting back on track....
I've been busy with cakes and parties over the past two months and just haven't made the time to sit down and post. I felt it was time to get back on track and get posting!

Toy Story...
I had the pleasure of working with a client who was in need of a Toy Story cake for her daughters birthday. We exchanged many emails over the past month coming up with some ideas for this cake. This cake was a 1/2 sheet chocolate cake filled with oreo buttercream. It was super heavy and very fun to make. Thank you Aimee for calling me and trusting me!

Cake was covered in fondant and accent pieces we made out of fondant as well.

The bed was also made out of cake.

Toy box too...

Fairy Cake...

I love this fairy cake. So simple and pretty. My client was having a special birthday for her little girl and wanted a cake with a fairy flair. The cake was strawberry cake filled with cream cheese frosting.

I had so much fun covering the whole cake with fairy dust (edible glitter). A perfect fit for this cake.

Baby Shower...

My name was passed on by a dear friend to this client and I was happy to except this order. It seems like I'm repeating myself but, this cake was a challenge and fun to make. The colors that the client wanted for this cake made me a bit nervous but, they look super cute together.
The baby shoes on top of the cake were made out of gum-paste.

Cute little shoes!

For my Princess....
This client in my number one fan! She is my daughter and loves to see what I can create with each order. For our family celebrations her request was something princess, peanut butter and cupcake pops. I think I covered her request!

For this image I used a stamp set from Stampin Up! and edible ink and place it on dried fondant. I then used edible colored markers and added color to the princess.

The small cupcake are actually cupcake pops.

A Birthday Celebration With Her Class....

My daughter requested cupcakes to be shared with her classmates. I used my stamps again to add some fun accents to the cupcake. The kids were pretty impressed.

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