Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Cakes

What a crazy summer!!! I've been trying to post pictures for the last few months but time just kept slipping away. And I'm really not one to journal.
I have had the pleasure of making some special cakes this summer and I've enjoyed every single one.

This little Mickey cake was for a special little boy! His name is Landon and he celebrated his first birthday. I will need to post a picture of him on my blog. He is sooo darn cute.

"Happy Birthday", says Elmo!
This cake was so festive!!!
Mr. Elmo is made out of Rice Krispies and then piped with red frosting.

Happy 60th Uncle!!
My Uncle celebrated his 60th birthday so I had to make him something sweet. He had a golf themed party..which is his third love (his wife first and then his kids and them GOLF). So with that...a golf themed cake was made.

Bridal Shower Celebration...
I received an order for a bridal shower cake and I really wanted it to look wedding-ish.
So below, is the final product. Simple but classy.

This cake was a bit silly and cute. It was for a birthday celebration and the request was a Luau themed cake. My first thought was to make a grass skirt with coconuts. And here you see I never changed my mind . I was thinking of making the coconuts out of fondant but I felt the birthday girl would have a little fun with the real things.

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