Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Cute Cake

So, this cake deserves it's only spot in this post! I am so proud of this cake and I'm so thankful to my friend who gave me this order. There are people in your life that push you to be better and challenge you in life and who believe in you. We'll that's my friend Aly (and my husband)!! My little partner in crime..cake crime that is.
Anyway...this by far is my biggest cake! That's until next week. But I love this cake. The bottom of the cake is a 10 inch red velvet filled with cream cheese frosting and then covered in vanilla buttercream and wrapped in fondant. The top cake is a 6 inch yellow cake filled with ganache and then frosted with vanilla buttercream and wrapped in fondant. This cake had to weigh at least 10 to 15 pounds. The accents were zebra print with little black dresses and topped with a bow...all made out of fondant.
Super fabulous celebration cake!!!

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