Friday, January 15, 2010

A Superhero Birthday Party

My favorite obsession...planning parties! I love everything about it. From picking a theme, to making and/or searching for cute invitations, to creating party favors, to decorations, to the food...well pretty much the whole event makes me happy! Ulitmately, I love seeing kids enjoy a great celebration.

I put this party together for my son. I had a great time piecing this event together for him.
Every boy loves a wearing a great cape and pretending to save the world.
I planned on making the capes for my son's party but I was short on time, so luckily
I found capes at ( I lost the information of the creator of the capes but I do plan on making them for whoever would love to place an order.) Although I purchased the capes, I made each of the kids their own superhero masks! They loved them.
By the way...these kids kept their capes on all day! Some even wore them to bed. :)

Another fun piece to the party is making a themed dessert bar. Below, I have assorted candy and a superhero themed cake. The cake was white cake with chocolate chips, fudge and cherry filling. It was really yummy!

This is made out of fondant.

Each child received his/her own personalized Chinese superhero box to be filled with all the yummy candy!

I found superhero coloring books and bags which I filled with coloring crayons. So...perfect!

Where the party bash took place.

I put together the birthday sign and centerpieces for this little celebration. I was able to get my son to pose like a superhero!

My dear friend made the signs. Thank you so much Amber!

"The Gang"

Instead of coming up with different games I put together an obstacle course. The different stages were:
1. To run faster then a speeding bullet (run)
2. Leap over tall buildings (my daughters barbie house)
3. Kryptonite pick up (picking up a green apple with tongs and placing it into a paper bag)
4. Going threw the tunnel of wisdom
and last was...
5. Vaporizing the villian (silly-stringing my husband).
The kids had such a wondeful time!

A great celebration for the greatest superhero!
I'd love to create a superhero event for your little one.
Please contact me if you'd like a Sweet Celebration event.

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